Jonathan M. Starre Esq.


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Jonathan is a highly experienced business and professional liability attorney known for fierce advocacy and compassionate counseling. As a Certified Specialist in Legal Malpractice law, Jonathan represents attorneys in matters involving a lawyer’s standard of care, fiduciary obligations, and ethical responsibilities, including malpractice actions and disciplinary proceedings, and he represents both attorneys and clients in disputes over legal fees. As a business litigator, Jonathan focuses on representing sophisticated entities and individuals in a wide variety of disputes, including those concerning contracts, management disputes, fiduciary duties, competition, trade secrets, trademark, and more. Jonathan also represents creditors in pursuit of debts in an efficient, cost-beneficial manner. He prides himself on an imaginative approach to litigation focused on obtaining truly beneficial outcomes in light of the unique and often grave challenges his clients face, and with regard for the frequently high financial and emotional costs of litigation.

Jonathan carries his success as an award-winning oral advocate and champion of disability and civil rights in law school through to the professional setting. He began his career as part of a team prosecuting makers of defective products which caused catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. In 2009, Jonathan expanded his practice to include professional liability defense and business law. In 2021, he joined Kramar Madnick. Jonathan’s clients have included several high profile law firms, attorneys, established and emerging businesses of various sizes, high net worth individuals, banks, accountants, bookkeepers, and individuals and companies who turn to the law to achieve fair results in seemingly intractable situations.

He is admitted to practice in California's federal and state courts, where he has prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases with spectacular results in trial, mediation, arbitration, informal settlement, and through dispositive motions.

Jonathan is an avid wine collector, amateur chef, and passionate foodie.